The Greenbrier River Trail 

the longest trail of its kind in West Virginia


Wildlife can be seen at all sections of the trail!

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The Mighty Greenbrier River

The Greenbrier River is one of the most charming rivers in West Virginia. At more than 150 miles long, it has great rural scenery, rich history, and excellent fishing. The Greenbrier was a Native American trail and had a big role in the development of region’s early timber industry. 

Bike Friendly

Bring your bike and gear and prepare for a beautiful ride on the Greenbrier River Trail. Our trail is suitable for all bike riders with frequent rest stops along the 78-mile trail.

Seasonal Beauty

No matter the time of year, the Greenbrier River Trail offers breath taking views of West Virginia and its unique wildlife. Be sure to bring a camera to capture and share this awesome experience with your friends and family.

About us

The Greenbrier River Trail is a 78-mile former railroad now used for hiking, biking and horseback riding. It is the longest trail of its kind in West Virginia. The trail provides many breath taking views as it passes through several small towns, crosses 35 bridges, goes through two tunnels and cuts through some of West Virginia’s most remote areas. 

The Greenbrier River Trail is one of 50 Millennium Legacy Trails in the United States, and was rated one of the top 10 hiking trails in the country by Backpacker Magazine. Cell phones work most places on the trail except for the upper reaches near the National Radio astronomy Observatory

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Biking Information

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Great Greenbrier River Race

The race is held the last Saturday in April each year along the Greenbrier River Trail State Park. With great prizes, live music and good food,the event attracts a loyal following of racers and fans. Originally a team event with four members, canoeists, bicyclist and runner, the race has now attracted many people who do it solo. But there is still room for the whole family or the family dog on a team! Kayaks and canoes are both encouraged and the many categories encourage prizes for many racers.

Proceeds from entry fees and our generous sponsors allow the trail association to sponsor various projects to improve and promote the trail.

You start in Marlinton, WV run to the trail and take it north to the turn around point then right back into town, to make 3 miles, then you jump in your boat and paddle down the river to the blue bridge in Buckeye, which is about 4 miles of paddling, then you run over to your bike and ride south down the trail for a bit and turn around to head north past where you started and all the way back up to Marlinton making a 10 mile bike ride and the end of the race! Teamwork is encouraged, but if you want to do it solo, you certainly can!

Greenbrier River Trail marathon

This is a 26.2 mile course, on the Greenbrier River Trail in Pocahontas County, WV.  The trail follows the Greenbrier River south on the old railway bed with a 1% downhill average grade throughout.  The surface is packed gravel with a number of flat, wooden bridge crossings and then pavement for the last (+/-) two miles of the course.

Course Highlights:

- Starting at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park (242 Main Street, Cass, WV 24927) - - the course will head south on the trail.

- The trail will provide many scenic views of the Greenbrier River and surrounding hills.  During the race the fall colors should be out in full force. 

- There will be mile markers and volunteer aid stations providing hydration.

- At mile 15 the course will pass through the old Sharp's Tunnel before crossing the highest wooden bridge on the course.  There will be some lighting provided in the tunnel. 

- The finish line will be at Stillwell Park, just South of Marlinton, WV.

Upcoming Board Meeting

1 pm, Thursday, September 19, 2019

Location: Renick Community park pavilion located between the Greenbrier River and the Greenbrier River Trail in beautiful Renick, West Virginia.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are needed in September 2019 to assist with conducting a Phase two, Archaeological dig near the Caldwell trail head. 

Where? New Caldwell Trailhead for the Greenbrier River Trail,
the large grassy field at the corner of Stonehouse Rd. and Camp
Alleghany Rd.
When? Beginning September 14, 2019
What's happening? An archaeological study is required before this
property can be developed as a new trailhead and parking lot.
Volunteers needed to do what?
Volunteers will work under the supervision of Professional
Archaeologists to help screen the dirt for artifacts and to help with
the digging/excavating, if able.
You can work as many or as few hours and days as you are
willing and able.
This is an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to have a
positive impact on the Trail that benefits so many of us in
healthy ways. . . .and to enjoy the company of others with similar
If you are interested, please email Nancy Harris at for more information and to get a
scheduled volunteer date and time.
Monetary donations to help defray the cost can be sent to:
Greenbrier River Trail Association, P.O. Box 1, Lewisburg, WV

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Latest Reviews

Scott C. - Ohio

What a great rail trail with plenty of amenities. Several blowdowns after sever storms but the park service was quick to clear the trail . I traveled with a group of boy scouts that cleared several trees from the trail and cleared a path through a large section of blowdown. Highly recommend.

Joyce K. - WV

We love horseback riding on the Greenbrier River Trail! There's a great place to camp with your horses at EJs Campsites. Lots of great trails. We like to go and spend a week and never get bored!

John B. - WV

Great trail and would rate as easy. Would like to go back and bike the trail. We did about 6 miles and then turned back. Great scenery and wild life . We saw 3 deer one of the does had a fawn... Would highly recommend the trail.

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