The Greenbrier River Trail 

National recreation trail

the longest trail of its kind in West Virginia


Wildlife can be seen at all sections of the trail!

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A clean trail helps WV wildlife thrive!

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Greenbrier River Trail Marathon

Sunday, October 2, 2022



Come join us for this one of a kind race on the scenic Greenbrier River Trail (GRT) in Pocahontas County! The Greenbrier River Trail Marathon (GRTM) includes a point-to-point full marathon (26.2 miles) on the flat/slightly downhill (1% grade) course and the inaugural half-marathon (13.1 miles - out-and-back course). The full GRTM, a certified USA Track & Field (USATF) course, starts in Cass Scenic Railroad State Park and runs south on the GRT to finish at Stillwell Park in Marlinton. The half marathon (not-certified) starts and finishes at Stillwell Park

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May 5-7, 2022

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The Greenbrier River Trail Bike Trek is a 3-day, 66-mile cycling event. Join 100+ riders and volunteers on this picturesque, riverside trail and share in the camaraderie as we raise funds and awareness for lung health in the Mountain State.

This is the 33rd year of the American Lung Association's Greenbrier River Trail Bike Trek! Join the event for a weekend ride on the Greenbrier River Trail through Anthony, Cass, and Marlinton. Cyclists with varying levels of experience are invited. All meals, lodging and transportation included, as well as sag service, medics and mechanics.

The event is fee-based and registration information is online at, search for upcoming events: Greenbrier River Trail Bike Trek or contact Charles Johnson, event coordinator at 304-348-2420 or email

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Discover What’s Great About the Greenbrier River Trail!

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The Mighty Greenbrier River

The Greenbrier River is one of the most charming rivers in West Virginia. At more than 150 miles long, it has great rural scenery, rich history, and excellent fishing. The Greenbrier was a Native American trail and had a big role in the development of region’s early timber industry. 

Bike Friendly

Bring your bike and gear and prepare for a beautiful ride on the Greenbrier River Trail. Our trail is suitable for all bike riders with frequent rest stops along the 78-mile trail.

Seasonal Beauty

No matter the time of year, the Greenbrier River Trail offers breath taking views of West Virginia and its unique wildlife. Be sure to bring a camera to capture and share this awesome experience with your friends and family.

About us

The Greenbrier River Trail (GRT) has two “Friends” groups dedicated and actively engaged in promoting, preserving and improving the Trail. First, the Greenbrier River Trail Association (GRTA) that has been in existence for more than 40 years and was largely responsible for establishing the Trail. In June 2020, the Greenbrier River Trail Foundation (GRTF) was formed by members of GRTA. By creating a state park foundation, GRTF has access to WV State Park matching grant funds used to expand Trail improvement projects

GRTF and GRTA share the same governance, Board structure, officers, bylaws and operations. Both groups are dedicated to fostering trail health and vitality and work closely with the WV Division of Natural Resources (DNR) which oversees regular maintenance, grant and volunteer opportunities, and annual trail events. Finally, both groups are 501 (c) (3) organizations and continue to support the needs of the GRT.

The Greenbrier River Trail is a 78-mile former railroad now used for hiking, biking and horseback riding. It is the longest trail of its kind in West Virginia. The trail provides many breath taking views as it passes through several small towns, crosses 35 bridges, goes through two tunnels and cuts through some of West Virginia’s most remote areas. 

The Greenbrier River Trail is one of 50 Millennium Legacy Trails in the United States, and was rated one of the top 10 hiking trails in the country by Backpacker Magazine. Cell phones work most places on the trail except for the upper reaches near the National Radio astronomy Observatory

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Events And Services

Bike Rentals

Greenbrier Bikes - Marlinton 304-591-7021

Location - 212 9th St.

Marlinton, WV



Route 66 Outpost – Cass 304-456-4288
Bike Rentals, Accessories, Food, Shuttle Service

Elk River Touring Center – Rt. 219 Slatyfork 304 572-3771
Bike Sales, Rentals, Repairs, Accessories, Lodging, Shuttle Service

Appalachian Sports – Rt. 219 Marlinton 304 799-4050
Bike Sales, Rentals, Accessories, Lodging, Shuttle Service

Dirt Bean – Second Avenue Marlinton 304 799-4038
Bike Sales, Rentals, Repairs, Accessories, Restaurant

Jack Horner's Corner – Seebert 304 653-4515
Bike Rentals, Accessories, Minor Repairs, Food, Shuttle Service

Free Spirit Adventures – Rt. 60 Caldwell 304 536-0333
Bike Rentals, Tours, Repairs, Accessories, Shuttle Service

WV Outdoor Adventures – Rt. 60 White Sulphur Springs 888 752-9982
Bike Rentals, Shuttle Service

Hammer Cycles – Rt. 60 White Sulphur Springs 304 536-0021
Bike Sales, Rentals, Repairs, Accessories

Greenbrier River Shuttles – 304 646-4660

Shuttle service

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Great Greenbrier River Race

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Scheduled for Last Saturday in April Each Year

Great Greenbrier River Race (

The race is held the last Saturday in April each year along the Greenbrier River Trail State Park. With great prizes, live music and good food,the event attracts a loyal following of racers and fans. Originally a team event with four members, canoeists, bicyclist and runner, the race has now attracted many people who do it solo. But there is still room for the whole family or the family dog on a team! Kayaks and canoes are both encouraged and the many categories encourage prizes for many racers.

Proceeds from entry fees and our generous sponsors allow the trail association to sponsor various projects to improve and promote the trail.

You start in Marlinton, WV run to the trail and take it north to the turn around point then right back into town, to make 3 miles, then you jump in your boat and paddle down the river to the blue bridge in Buckeye, which is about 4 miles of paddling, then you run over to your bike and ride south down the trail for a bit and turn around to head north past where you started and all the way back up to Marlinton making a 10 mile bike ride and the end of the race! Teamwork is encouraged, but if you want to do it solo, you certainly can!

Greenbrier River Trail marathon


Come join us for this one of a kind race on the scenic Greenbrier River Trail (GRT) in Pocahontas County! The Greenbrier River Trail Marathon (GRTM) includes a point-to-point full marathon (26.2 miles) on the flat/slightly downhill (1% grade) course and the inaugural half-marathon (13.1 miles - out-and-back course). The full GRTM, a certified USA Track & Field (USATF) course, starts in Cass Scenic Railroad State Park and runs south on the GRT to finish at Stillwell Park in Marlinton. The half marathon (not-certified) starts and finishes at Stillwell Park.

This is a 26.2 mile course, on the Greenbrier River Trail in Pocahontas County, WV.  The trail follows the Greenbrier River south on the old railway bed with a 1% downhill average grade throughout.  The surface is packed gravel with a number of flat, wooden bridge crossings and then pavement for the last (+/-) two miles of the course.

Course Highlights:

- Starting at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park (242 Main Street, Cass, WV 24927) - - the course will head south on the trail.

- The trail will provide many scenic views of the Greenbrier River and surrounding hills.  During the race the fall colors should be out in full force. 

- There will be mile markers and volunteer aid stations providing hydration.

- At mile 15 the course will pass through the old Sharp's Tunnel before crossing the highest wooden bridge on the course.  There will be some lighting provided in the tunnel. 

- The finish line will be at Stillwell Park, just South of Marlinton, WV.

Volunteer opportunities

GRTA is currently seeking volunteers. 

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Latest Reviews

Scott C. - Ohio

What a great rail trail with plenty of amenities. Several blowdowns after sever storms but the park service was quick to clear the trail . I traveled with a group of boy scouts that cleared several trees from the trail and cleared a path through a large section of blowdown. Highly recommend.

Joyce K. - WV

We love horseback riding on the Greenbrier River Trail! There's a great place to camp with your horses at EJs Campsites. Lots of great trails. We like to go and spend a week and never get bored!

John B. - WV

Great trail and would rate as easy. Would like to go back and bike the trail. We did about 6 miles and then turned back. Great scenery and wild life . We saw 3 deer one of the does had a fawn... Would highly recommend the trail.


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Maggie Hutchison is a native West Virginian.  She has owned a home on the River since 1989 and in retirement it became her permanent residence. She returned to the state full time in 2013 after a successful career with the Naval Air Systems Command and subsequent consulting work.  She has applied her organizational and strategic planning skills in her leadership position with GRTA.   She loves WV and Greenbrier County and like fellow Board Members is inspired to preserve and share the beauty of the River and the Trail.  As the current Chair of the Board, she is focused on insuring the Strategic Plan developed by the Board is executed.  Public service has always been important to her as demonstrated by her Federal service and subsequent volunteer work after the 2016 Flood to include extensive disaster recovery efforts as Executive Director of Homes for White Sulphur Springs (Hope Village).  Her tenure on the Board also began one month after the Flood.

Dr. Liz Prichard joined the GRTA Board in Fall 2019. She comes to the Board with a Doctorate in Public Administration and Public Policy from Virginia Tech. Her doctoral research focused on sustainable community development in boom and bust economies. She holds a Masters in Public Administration from West Virginia University. Prichard spent several years in Washington DC as a development associate for a nonpartisan policy think tank. Her tenure in nonprofit development informs her volunteer position with GRTA where she works to build institution and foster institutional relationships toward collaborative and inclusive Trail projects. She enjoys family, music, and travel.

In 2000, Helen moved to Greenbrier County from Washington DC. The Trail quickly became a treasured place for her. In 2017, she joined the GRTA Board because she wanted to participate in a more active way. With fellow Board members, Harless helps raise funds to repair the Trail and replace facilities. Her former career as a professional fundraiser for nonprofits has continued on a volunteer basis. She has served on the Board of the Greenbrier County Public Library during the campaign to build the new library. In addition, Harless has served on the Boards of Greenbrier Valley Master Gardeners and the Shepherd's Center.As she walks the Trail, Harless counts herself lucky to have this priceless resource. Together, we will protect the Trail for everyone's benefit. 


Craig Attkisson, a skilled residential landscape contractor hailing from Richmond, Virginia, discovered his love for the great outdoors and bike packing many years ago. His serendipitous encounter with the Greenbrier trail system sparked an instant connection, captivating him with its natural beauty from the outset. This deep-rooted affection for the trail inspired Craig to acquire a cabin nestled along its serene path near Cloverlick, solidifying his commitment to its preservation. Eager to play an active role in safeguarding this remarkable resource, Craig embarked on a journey to join the board of the Greenriver Trail. With his expertise in landscaping and unwavering passion for outdoor exploration, Craig Attkisson brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the team, dedicated to ensuring the longevity and vitality of the Greenbrier trail system for generations to come.

Robert Gronan was cofounder of Greenbrier River Trail Association (GRTA) in 1979.  Having led bicycling organizations advocating for rail-trails in other states in the 1970's, Rob promoted the then-new concept in West Virginia.  He worked with legislators to introduce bills to establish the Greenbrier River Trail in the state parks system.  This effort was successful with the establishment of West Virginia's first rail-trail in 1980.

Rob served as GRTA's first president from 1979-1985 and as secretary from 2012-2021.  He has been instrumental in several important trail projects and is currently heading up the effort for interpretive signs on the trail.

Rob has a PhD in neuropsychopharmacology, and following grad school, was a professor/scientist for six years.  He then went to medical school, and after residency was an emergency medicine physician at hospitals in Low Moor and Lexington, VA for 27 years.

After 16 years working in North Carolina and Virginia as an educator and administrator, moved back to Monroe County WV in 1991 to spend another 30 years in education administration.  Lyn have been a biking fanatic since childhood and am so happy, after retiring in '21, to be able to ride the trail every chance I can.  Most honored to be a new member of the GRT Board! 

Nancy is a retired vocational rehabilitation counselor who worked for the WV Div. of Rehabilitation Services for more than 30 years. Grateful for the joy, the good health, and the friendships that bicycling the Trail has provided over the years, she lucked into an opportunity to give back to the Trail that has meant so much to her, when superintendent, Jody Spencer, allowed her to clean the bathrooms on the Trail, following the torrential rains in June 2016 that badly damaged the Trail and required the full attention of the maintenance crew. Around that same time, she joined the Board of GRTA, which has provided additional opportunities to volunteer on the Trail and to involve others who love the trail and want to give back. Trail maintenance and improvements through volunteer efforts are her primary focus.

Tim Helmick is a native West Virginian, who was privileged to grow up in Pocahontas County.  He is married and the father of three grown children.  Tim is a self-employed real estate appraiser in the Greenbrier Valley, and a running enthusiast.    He can be seen running on the Greenbrier River Trail 2 – 3 times per week, and has participated in both the Greenbrier River Trail Marathon and the Great Greenbrier River Race.  As a GRTA board member since the spring of 2019, he is particularly interested in the maintenance of the trail.    

I bring a wealth of experience in environmental stewardship and outdoor recreation to the board. I served for 14 years as a Superintendent with West Virginia State Parks and retired from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection as an Inspector Supervisor. Currently, I work part-time as an Environmental Compliance Specialist with TC Energy. I have been a dedicated board member of the Greenbrier River Trail Association/Fund (GRTA/F) for approximately one year. I passionately believe that the Greenbrier River Trail is a magnificent way to showcase the natural beauty of the Greenbrier River Valley. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy being on the water and frequently use the trail to access the Greenbrier River for fishing, floating, and camping.

Mary moved to Pocahontas County, WV in 1983 to join her soon to be husband Gil in a partnership immersed in the outdoor beauty of the region. Together they have operated Elk River Touring Center, Inn and restaurant in Slatyfork in some form for over 37 years.They discovered the Greenbrier River Trail and provided bike rentals and shuttles to the new state trail. Mary and Gil were founding members of the Greenbrier River Trail Association, a citizens group created to support the trail

After the flood of 1985, in an effort to cast a light on the importance of the trail, the Association hosted the 'Great Greenbrier River Race' in April of 1986. Mary and a team from the Association and other trail users established a successful event which is now an annual event and a major fundraiser for ongoing maintenance projects on the trail.  

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